Since September 2021, CLARIN-BE is the Belgian infrastructure for language resources and technologies. CLARIN-BE is operating the Belgian part of the pan-European CLARIN infrastructure. 

The aim is to make existing and future language resources easily accessible for researchers and to bring eScience to humanities disciplines. Any researcher can, through federated authentication (single sign-on), gain access to a vast body of language resources, including e.g. speech recordings, literary and historic archives, linguistic corpora, etc. See the CLARIN Virtual Language Observatory and the CLARIN Resource Families for full details.

In addition, CLARIN-BE offers services for depositing, managing, citing, searching and processing language data.

CLARIN-BE was established by BELSPO through the support from Flanders as a result of the FWO‘s International Research Infrastructure call for projects and the Department of Economy, Science and Innovation, EWI