CLARIAH-VL is the Flemish contribution to the European Infrastructures CLARIN and DARIAH. Like CLARIN-BE, there is also a Belgian DARIAH consortium, DARIAH-BE

Most of the work of CLARIN-VL is funded through the International Research Infrastructure (IRI) project CLARIAH-VL: Advancing the Open Humanities Service Infrastructure

At the universities of Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent and Leuven as well as the Instituut voor de Nederlandse Taal, researchers of the CLARIAH-VL consortium will implement a modular research infrastructure embedding high-quality, user-friendly tools and resources into the workflows of humanities researchers.

Offering an open infrastructure which facilitates public humanities will ensure the accessibility and relevance of the humanities to the general public, specific (heritage) community groups and policy makers. It will make it technically possible to share knowledge, including sharing and co-creating knowledge with non-specialist users, such as facilitating citizen science and crowdsourcing projects.CLARIN-VL related plans in the context of CLARIAH-VL are discussed in more detail in V. Vandeghinste, E. Lefever, W. Daelemans, T. Van de Cruys and S. Chambers (2021). CLARIN Flanders: new prospects.Proceedings of the CLARIN annual conference. pp. 86–90.