Service Providing Centre

The backbone of CLARIN is provided by technical centres, in particular Service Providing Centres or CLARIN B-centres, for short. These centres can host the tools and resources that consortium members have created, and ensure their longevity beyond the project lifetime.

For Belgium, the CLARIN B-centre is the Instituut voor de Nederlandse Taal (INT). Visit INT’s CLARIN portal at

Knowledge Centres

CLARIN Knowledge Centres (K-centres) are a cornerstone of the CLARIN Knowledge Infrastructure, one of the main components ensuring a continuous transfer of knowledge between all players involved in the construction, operation and use of the infrastructure.

K-Dutch: CLARIN Knowledge Centre for Dutch

K-Dutch, the place for anyone who wants to know anything about the Dutch language: linguistic properties, language advice, available tools and resources, etymology, dialects…

You can visit the wiki or ask questions to our helpdesk at

CLARIN Knowledge Centre for Learner Corpora

The CLARIN Knowledge Centre for Learner Corpora offers user assistance, technical support and training services on the collection and use of learner corpora (i.e. electronic collections of language data produced by second or foreign language learners) for theoretical and applied purposes.